Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kayaking the Blanco

Cypress tree that washed onto River Rd. during the last big flood

We finally got a break in the rain but I am not complaining. You can see how much rain we have had by the picture above. It takes a lot of water to move a tree that size. It has been a crazy summer. I've never seen July highs in the 80's in Texas.
Me, Jake and Fred. If there is water we'll find it.

After a 3 year drought we finally got some relief. The lakes are back to normal and the Blanco river is full so we can kayak again. I bought my kayak about 2 years ago and have hardly been able to use it but have been making up for lost time lately. I was introduced to a run on the Blanco by a friend of mine and I can get out right at my parents house (makes it easy). We went last week, about a five hour trip and was completely different run than the week before. It's amazing how much the river changes. Makes it difficult to learn the rapids but you never get bored with the run.

If this ain't livin' then count me out.

I am heading to Amarillo on Thursday to photograph JD Souther for Cowboys and Indians magazine but will be back in time for another run on Sunday.

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