Sunday, March 16, 2008

MMMM MMMM MMMM, That Knuckle Yummy sho is good

What's a Knuckle Yummy? It's the hottest thing to come out of the Austin, TX music scene. It is the latest vision of Dony Wynn. Dony was Robert Palmer's drummer for about 20 years and is now producing his own thing in Austin. Dony has teamed up with the incredible guitar stylings of Pehr Smith and the vocals of good friend Elizabeth Lee. How do you describe the sound? You can't. It is one of the most original sounds to come around in a long time but the first time I heard them I knew exactly the shoot we needed to do and the photo here is exactly how they sound. As Dony puts it the sound is red mud, sweat, cobalt smoke, whiskey soaked dancefloors, freedom. Elizabeth is currently on tour in Europe with her other band Cozmic Mojo but when she returns they will be hitting the stage at Continental Club so keep your eyes open and don't miss it.

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