Saturday, March 24, 2007

Vegas Baby!

I have actually been back in Texas for about a week now but it took me that long to recover from my 2 week road trip to Phoenix, LA and Vegas. Vegas was my final stop. Loaded with a car full of Marrika Nakk's clothes, I headed for the desert where I met up with Emily and headed out to Red Rock Nat. Park. What a great location for shooting. There is a narrow window for shooting there though. Too early and your fighting mid day sun and too late you lose your light pretty fast behind the mountains. We got some great shots. It wasn't all shooting though, I was in Vegas afterall. One of my best friends, Fred Ballard and his wife Terry were there too so we met up at the MGM and hung out for the evening. Nothing like $7 beers and $15 Frech toast for breakfast. Now it's time to start editing pictures so I can update my website. I'll keep you posted

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