Friday, April 27, 2007

Only in Austin

After living in an area for so long you really start to take it for granted. Even living on a beautiful island you would eventually lose the appreciation you had when you first visited. Well that is what this photo did for me in Austin. Driving down South Lamar the other day I noticed a flock of pink flamingos that had taken roost on this beautiful art guitar. It reminded me of what a cool town Austin is and made me see this place with fresh eyes. So, my new photo assignments is to start roaming the city and photographing the things I would have noticed when I first moved here, starting with this one. Of course I will still be traveling to get the great shots too. Starting with Costa Rica in June. I've also got my first shoot with Cowboys and Indians magazine tomorrow. It is for their new architectural spread. I am shooting a home on Lake Travis. I haven't seen the place yet but apparently it is an amazing home. I can't wait.

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