Friday, July 6, 2007

Pura Vida!

I just returned from the greatest trip of my life, or maybe the second greatest. It doesn't really matter because both times were in Costa Rica. It was such an amazing time that I am heading back in Oct. to look into buying something. There is no better place to get away. Amazing people, amazing food and amazing waves. We were 40 miles from the nearest paved road, no phone, no tv. Internet if you needed it. It doesn't get any better than that. I have never been more relaxed. Our typical day usually started around 5:30 when the howler monkeys decided we had slept long enough. After our morning session we would head to town for Gallo Pinto, scrambled eggs and fried plantains then head to the house and relax in the pool with and ice cold Imperial before we would head to the beach for another round of waves. Surf, eat, drink beer, sleep, repeat. My main intention while I was there was my photography but on arrival my plans quickly changed. I was too relaxed and having too much fun surfing I just didn't feel like lugging the camera around. In fact, I think I shot more with my small point and shoot. I bought a underwater housing for it so I was able to take it out surfing and get some great video footage. I'm working on a movie right now using imovie (my latest fascination) which will be available on Youtube real soon.
Pictured are Norman Talbot, Steve Brown, Jake Bradley, Me, Fred Ballard, Cornelius Morley, Dan Carmody, Scott Grusky and Ron Alcalay. Thanks guys! Can't wait to do it again. We have to keep the legend of Jake alive.

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